Ljubodrag Andric

Ljubodrag Andric’s large-scale color field photographs of walls, shot over ten years in cities around the world, are more reminiscent of mid-century painting than of photography. Tightly composed and nearly depthless, Andric’s images possess, in the words of Edward Burtynsky, “excruciating and infinite textures, iridescent light, impossible shadows, the traces of shifting purpose and history layered on those walls – all jockeying for attention.”

Andric, who is of Italian descent, was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1965 to a family of artists. In 1988, while studying literature in Belgrade, Andric first exhibited at the Modern Art Gallery in Belgrade. The work for the exhibition dealt with the relationship between space and architecture, which has remained at the core of his explorations ever since. In 2002 Andric relocated to Toronto where he currently lives and works, and in 2005 he became a Canadian citizen.

Ljubodrag Andric: Walls is on view at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Le Locle, Switzerland through May 28, 2017. His work was exhibited at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice; and at the 2016 Triennale di Milano.